1. I REALLY left this tumblr alone… and it’s the one where i have more followers… I’m sorry, people, and i really mean it, but i’m not so LOL fanatic right now… i’m working into more personal things… But i have some jokes on my sleeve that i hope i’ll draw in the next weeks!

    So take a seat and wait quietly, i’ll deliver!

  2. triisoup:


    what kind of error even is this

    Apparently the Rammus error

    They catched me…

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  3. uh? what’s this?

    Previews of the next NSFW post? Yes!

    I even added an extra Soraka x Teemo, but not definitive


  4. Sorry kids! Next post will be NSFW!

    I hope you like bondage & SingedxRiven

    Some kind of gift, so you can have a hot new year!

  5. I’m sorry, those aren’t the blocks you surelyh asked for, but they were the best blocks for me, even when i was little. So here are lil’ Rammus and lil’ Zyra drawing for fun!

    By the way, this picture has enough size to  use it as wallpaper! Do it if you like it!

  6. I have been really busy with another things this last week so i couldn’t get in the zombie-champion contest, but at least i show you my half-done entry. Do you think i could win (in EUW) if i ended it?

  7. Puncturing Taunt makes 2 years today!

    Hahaha! aaaw, looks like it was the past month when in the cafeteria of Fine Arts i said to a friend: dude! i’ll do a tumblr about lol, even when i only started 2 weeks ago!

    Now here i am… willing to upload more and more jokes! i hope to see you all around here in the future :D

    Thanks for everything! >w<

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  8. Really Bad Jokes!

    Ahri keeps doing sexual abuse to the other champions!


  9. Reblog If you’re a NSFW tumblr so we can find each other


  10. I’m not sure why i did this but…

    i made a facebook page for Puncturing Taunt…
    Let’s see if someone is interested! Haha!